Project Brief:


To create a hypothetical company which produces a product we use on a daily basis which includes an identity, a mark, and a set of three packages for three types of the aforementioned products.


Design Solution:


As one who cooks often I decided to design packaging for Chinese cleavers. I was inspired by my grandfather who is a retired Chinese cook and the tools used by him and by the people of my culture. Typically Chinese knives are relegated to a pedestrian state, sold in local shops for very cheap. In comparison, European and Japanese brands corner the high-end markets and may be many times the price of their Chinese counterparts. My company, named Sah Knives after the surname of my grandfather, would elevate the quality and desirability of Chinese knives to this high standard and bring my culture to the forefront of the professional knife market.


My first task was creating a mark which resembled the red zhuwen┬ástamps found in Chinese cultures. The mark features the characters of my grandfather’s surname in the middle. I wanted the packaging to be a simple box, an organic material which contrasts with the harsh metal of the knives and also resembles asian style packaging. In order to stay away from Japanese styles I chose to utilize Chinese patterns and even the borders draw from Chinese architecture. The three colors were chosen as prime colors in the culture. The white is a lighter, more delicate color for the lightest knife, the red is a bold color for the all-purpose knife, and the heavy black for the thick bone cleaver.