Project Brief:


To design an identity system and a set of business materials for a type designer using only one their typefaces. Set should consist of a logo/mark, business card, letterhead, invoice, fax, information sheet, envelope, and enclosing folder

Design Solution:


After being given Paul Renner and his typeface Futura, the solution was to use Renner’s initials in the mark as the “P” and “R” were of the same shapes. When put in outlines they came together, the “P” within the “R” into one mark with both letters visible. This mark consists only of lines of which the weights could be changed subtly in order to designate different pieces.

This use of lines in the mark subsequently dictated the graphic language present in each piece, dictating space and leading the eye to important features. The color orange was chosen to reflect Futura itself, projecting a sense of forwardness and vibrancy; apropos considering that Renner created Futura as a new, modern, geometric typeface very different from earlier sans-serif typefaces which are modeled after sign painting. Overall, my goal was to create a light, elegant, and modern identity system in order to reflect Paul Renner’s Futura.



2017 AIGIA Hawaiʻi 5-O award in the student category.