Project Brief:


To design a book based on an interview with an individual which puts into visual design their history. Designs and elements are to be drawn from a source that is acquired solely through oral communications.

Design Solution:


My interviewee was Lolena Nicholas, a prominent Hawaiian language educator and figure within the Hawaiian community, and the interview itself was conducted entirely in the Hawaiian language. The book was then designed around her personal story, detailing how she was born and raised on island of Niʻihau to her work in education, and her thoughts on the future of the language. To this extent the book was divided into three sections that were as intimately intertwined as the parts of Aunakē Lolenaʻs life were to her. Thus the covers are woven like lau hala mats and took on the colors of the famous pūpū shells native to her home of Niʻihau. Due to the focus on language and language education the book is primarily typographic in nature.