Kaleo is the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s biweekly newspaper. Designers are tasked with putting together text and images as well as cover designs and any illustrations, all to be done on the day before materials are sent to the printers. This means that every design is done within an extremely short timeframe.

Design Solutions:


Each cover relates to a cover story article within the newspaper and is used to catch the reader’s attention while giving a preview of what is inside.


One of the stories was a Halloween special and talked about fear and its location within the hippocampus. I decided to use an apropos typeface around and within an illustrated brain. This allowed me to present the title of the article in an interesting way while acknowledging the hippocampus, tying together the text and themes. The background is a deep purple, allowing the yellow text to be the first thing read in the visual hierarchy.


Another of the stories was about the #MeToo movement and was a visual representation of the statistic that 11.2% of college students experience sexual assault on campus. The background is a pattern of human figures with every eleventh being colored, giving the feeling of a large scope and the severity of this statistic. The typography allows the hashtag to catch the reader’s attention—it being a very recognizable icon for a social movement on the forefront of societal consciousness.