Project Brief:


To create event materials for a hypothetical exhibition featuring an artist if our choosing. Materials include at least a save the date with envelope, an invitation with an envelope and mailable RSVP, name tags, and mobile app.

Design Solution:


Janelle Monáe is a pioneering music artist well known for her bold, innovative style both in her music and her visual imagery. Social commentary is prominent within the narratives she tells the most notable being of her “alter-ego,” a futuristic alien-android named Cindi Mayweather who is persecuted, mirroring the oppression of minority groups in America.


The solution was to focus on this activism while portraying a visual language which speaks to the Cindi Mayweather character. Scenes of oppressive force and rebellious protest play out amidst swirling galaxies and science fiction cityscapes as circuit board-like elements point back to the bionic aspects of the character. Janelle Monáe is not primarily a visual artist and so it was important to premier her face, especially since the concept revolved around an alter-ego of hers. The OCR A typeface pointed also to robotics and pieces featured either lyrics or quotes from her.

The invitation is actually more of a short booklet which features a mailable RSVP postcard embedded inside. The nametags have a pouch which holds a map of the event on one side and a poster on the other, a practical feature for guests when they get to the event.



2018 Pele Awards collegiate gold for the Hawaiʻi/District 13 chapter of the American Advertising Federation.