Project Brief:


To design a series of typographic pieces based on the ideologies and work of a given Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate. Series is to include at least: a book, a set of cards, a poster, and a package.


Design Solution:


For this project I was given Alejandro Aravena of ELEMENTAL, an architect from Chile who is best known for his work in social housing. Inspired by the favelas and the ingenuity of people to build for themselves, Aravena designed a “half of a good house”-in contrast with the usual miniature housing-which the families could expand themselves, providing them with the elemental aspects that they would not normally have access to; namely land, foundation, and utilities. In his other projects he again looks to the necessities of the situation to inform his designs rather than purely aesthetics.


In response I designed a system of cards, a book, and posters which speak to the focus on only what is elemental and, building upon his social housing work, accessible to everyone. Each item, made without any special printing or materials, is on 8.5″x11″ copy paper in black and white using Courier wherein unnecessary information is extracted into the marginalia. The “package” is simply a whole ream of copy paper. There is also an online aspect which would allow anyone to use the existing typographic structure to print their own information.