Project Brief:


To design a series of typographic pieces based on the ideologies and work of a given Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate. Series is to include at least: a book, a set of cards, a poster, and a package.

Design Solution:


Alejandro Aravena of ELEMENTAL is an architect from Chile who is best known for his work in social housing. Inspired by the favelas and the ingenuity of people to build for themselves, Aravena designed a “half of a good house,” providing the essentials (i.e. land, utilities, structure) with the capacity for further development by owners.


First, I designed each of my pieces to focus on only the essentials by extracting unnecessary information into the marginalia, utilizing Courier (a ubiquitous typeface), and only printing on 8.5″ x 11″ copy paper (the “package” simply being a cover for a ream of paper) in black and white ink.


Secondly, I designed a website which provides users with the typographic template of my pieces so that they can then create cards, books, and posters; thus providing a structure from which users could build their own content.